About the CHM Group


Established in 1949, Chin H Meen & Sons (CHM Group) is a privately owned family business that has been operating in Papua New Guinea for four generations. CHM Group has a proud heritage and has contributed to over 70 years of employment, economic growth and development in the country and people of PNG.

The business first traded as a retail outlet and over the last 40 years has expanded its divisions to include a music recording division, battery and energy division, property division and commercial business division. CHM Group has experienced strong growth during this time and is highly regarded as one of the most successful and respected businesses in PNG.

Director Profiles


Raymond Chin, MBE:

The visionary and engine behind CHM Group is the founder’s youngest son, now the Group’s Managing Director, Raymond Chin. Raymond has always been known for his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for music. A pioneer of the music industry in PNG, he was the first to set up and establish the country’s very first recording studio and music label in 1980. Due to his outstanding contribution to the development of the music industry, Raymond was awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II through the Governor General of PNG on May 8th 2003.


Grace Chin:

Grace is the wife and business partner of Raymond and is the CHM Group Director and Secretary. If Raymond is the engine of CHM Group, then Grace is certainly the heart of the company that drives the business forward. She handles the financial affairs, operations and strategic planning of the group. She joined CHM in 1975 and has been a strong part of the solid and successful growth and expansion of the company for nearly four decades.