Only 13% of the population in PNG has access to the electricity grid. CHM’s Energy Division is committed to meeting the energy needs of everyday Papua New Guineans not connected to the grid by providing high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly batteries and energy solutions that power their day.

Official Distributor of Panasonic Batteries

CHM has been the official distributor of Panasonic batteries in PNG for over 40 years and is the no.1 most popular and dominant battery brand around the country.


Manganese is the most commonly used battery type in the world. Managenese batteries are optimized for low-drain appliances such as remote controls and clocks. These devices don’t need much power, but use it efficiently over long periods.


Alkaline balances performance and long life with safety and durability in well-crafted batteries of excellent quality. Available in a full range of sizes, Alkaline works brilliantly in high-drain applications in toys through to game controllers and computer mice and will impress you with strong, reliable energy whenever you need it


EVOLTA is Panasonic’s premium alkaline battery. It lasts longer than other batteries in high-drain devices, such as camera flashes and toys. It features our best battery technologies and high-purity materials of the finest quality. Made with production techniques that guarantee consistent quality, you can depend on EVOLTA for lasting power

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Nationwide Distribution

Through our network of dealerships set up across the country, CHM is able to distribute nationwide with deep reach into all 4 major regions across PNG.

Environmentally Friendly

Panasonic released its first mercury-free battery back in 1991. Now, it’s among the first manufacturers in the world to completely eliminate the use of lead in its manganese batteries. Panasonic Manganese batteries have no added lead, cadmium, or mercury*. This gives peace of mind as you’re using the product, and protects the environment after disposal.

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